The best gimbals for sports cameras

Gimbals Handheld stabilizers or gimbals have become an essential accessory that travels alongside our sports cameras or smartphones. Most Youtubers or videographers use these devices to stabilize the videos while they walk and eliminate those uncomfortable bounces that give a very unprofessional result. In this article I collect the most recommended gimbals , in the market you can find other models but … Read more

The 5 most recommended sports cameras

Sports Camera If you are a sports fanatic, and would like to record your adventures, it is worth getting yourself a good sports camera. There are them to record hiking activities, for running, to go out with your bike, even for scuba diving. There are many models of sports cameras, and each one of them has very … Read more

Acronyms, terms and nomenclature of SLR camera lenses

Each manufacturer typically uses different terms in the brand name to refer to the characteristics of the lens. From the name we can know for example if it includes an image stabilizer, the type of mount, automatic focus, etc. Basic terminology for objectives Focal distance It is indicated in millimeters. If it is a fixed lens, the … Read more

Recommended lenses for Nikon SLR cameras

Introduction to the Nikon F mount In the case of Nikon, it must be taken into account that some cameras incorporate an internal focus motor (so the lens does not need a focus motor) but other models do not (they need lenses that include an AF motor), therefore we have to see what camera model … Read more

Things to Know About Photography Lenses

Lens focal length depending on sensor type The far focal objective is an optical characteristic of the lens itself , regardless of where the camera is mounted or the size of the sensor. A 50mm lens has that focal length on a full-frame sensor camera, on an APS-C sensor camera, and in any other circumstance and use. What changes … Read more

Camera and equipment for online classes

IMPORTANT: There are many possible combinations of equipment and configurations. I am going to start from scratch for a specific example, and I am going to choose the equipment that I think would offer me the best value for money, always in the tightest budget range, explaining the criteria that would lead me to choose it. … Read more

Recommended External Microphones for Cameras

What is a directional microphone? When we speak of a directional microphone, we are actually referring to a microphone with a supercardioid or hypercardioid (or sometimes simply cardioid) directional pattern to which an interference tube is added to narrow the pickup angle (more directionality). But being rigorous, any microphone that is not omnidirectional would be a directional microphone. The … Read more

Recommended USB microphones for youtube

What is a USB microphone? A USB microphone is actually a stereo packaged in a single device. In addition to the microphone itself, these types of devices internally include all the electronics necessary to process the analog audio signal ( preamplifier ), convert it to digital ( ADC – digital analog converter) and encode it to send it through … Read more

Recommended microphones for streaming / podcast / youtube

Guide to choosing the best microphone to record voice in studio, for example for live streaming, podcast or for youtube channels. What do I need to record sound in the studio? When we speak of ‘study’ we refer to a controlled environment: a room in which we have all the equipment we need, we have … Read more

Enhance sound for studio video or streaming

Necessary equipment, settings and tricks to improve the sound quality in your videos or in your live shows. The path that sound follows Here is a very simple outline of the path that the sound takes from the original source to the person who finally hears that sound. The example is applicable to both recording and … Read more