The best gimbals for sports cameras


Handheld stabilizers or gimbals have become an essential accessory that travels alongside our sports cameras or smartphones. Most Youtubers or videographers use these devices to stabilize the videos while they walk and eliminate those uncomfortable bounces that give a very unprofessional result.

In this article I collect the most recommended gimbals , in the market you can find other models but with these you will be sure. They are models designed for sports cameras, smartphones or in some cases a lightweight compact camera.

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What is a gimbal for sports cameras?

The gimbal is nothing more than a support to stabilize the camera while you walk or hold it. It is composed of several axes and each one stabilizes the movement of the camera on a specific axis (lateral movements, rotation, forward or backward). Something that is exceptional and quite useful for all those athletes or video enthusiasts who enjoy immortalizing moments of pure emotion and adrenaline.

What is a gimbal for?

Basically its function is to allow the object subject to the gimbal (in this case the sports camera or smartphone), to rotate on its own axis and remain stable, which makes it ideal when making videos while walking or hand-held in a way. stable, avoiding sudden movements that can ruin a recording and providing a much more professional result.

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What kind of Gimbal to buy?

It is essential that before choosing a gimbal, you are totally clear about the type of use that you will give it according to the sport or activity you practice. There are several types of gimbals ideal for the different types of recordings you want to make.

Among the best known you can find mainly:

Handheld gimbal

They are also known as “Handled Gimbals” by their English name and are the most popular on the market thanks to the practicality of using them as they can be held with just one hand. It is the perfect option for most cases.

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Feiyu G5 3-axis Gimbal

It is an excellent Gimbal that has a very good user interface , as well as a rechargeable battery that can last up to a period of 8 hours when fully charged. In addition, the 3-axis Feiyu G5 is compatible with the GoPro Hero 6 or Hero5 as well as other sports cameras of a similar size.

Another feature that makes the fantastic Feiyu G5 gain positive points is how practical it is to be transported, thus being the ideal accessory for many athletes.

GoPro Karma Grip

There is talk of wonders about the GoPro Karma Grip, it is even said that it is very likely that we are facing the best accessory that has been manufactured to ensure the stabilization of GoPro cameras today, and it is not for less, because the fantastic Karma Grip is the first stabilizer made by GoPro especially for its cameras .

One of the most striking peculiarities of the Karma Grip is the fact that it offers digital stabilization (as long as 4k resolution recordings are not being made), which is really interesting to maintain a perfect stabilization at the horizon level.

EVO GP-PRO 3 Axis 3-axis

One of the most particular characteristics of the spectacular EVO GP-PRO 3 Axis, is nothing more and nothing less than the precision that it offers us with its 3 axes that come to be very useful, since thanks to these axes, they can be performed you shoot with a quality that results from a professional level.

In addition, the EVO GP-PRO 3 Axis has a fairly easy and practical installation, it is for this and much more that this great accessory meets the expectations of those most demanding users. That is why this fantastic Gimbal is quite ideal for the Hero3, Hero4 as well as the Hero5.

Zhiyun Z1 Evolution

There is talk of wonders about this stabilizer, since it is said that the Zhiyun Z1 Evolution turns out to be one of the best handheld Gimbals that exist for GoPro cameras, and this is due to how practical it is, as well as its great flexibility and its long-lasting performance .

In addition, among the most notable characteristics of the Zhiyun Z1 Evolution, the 6 technical cores that it has can be highlighted, as well as its 2 integrated designs and their respective protection measures, also highlighting the practical use of its Joistyck which allows changing from the lock mode up to pan following and tilt following mode, being able to perform these tasks in the simplest and most intuitive way, handling it with the fingertip.

It is due to all the above mentioned, as well as its compatibility with two types of batteries, that the Zhiyun Z1 Evolution turns out to be one of the best and most complete accessories on the market, really ideal for recording fantastic videos with a totally professional quality .

Wearable or dockable gimbals

This is the second type of Gimbals that you can find in the market, the particular thing about Gimbals Wearables or Gimbals Mountable, is that as their name indicates, you can anchor them to practically any type of surface, or if you wish, you can also take them in hand, in other words, you can say that these Gimbals are all-rounders.

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These are some of the most popular Wearable Gimbals or Mountable Gimbals that you can find in the market:

Feiyu WG2

We are facing one of the most popular mountable Gimbals and sold within the entire market, this is because the fantastic Feiyu GW2 has the great capacity to support up to a weight of 115 grams despite its small size, in addition to this This practical accessory provides compatibility with cameras such as the GoPro Hero 5, Hero 6, Yi 4K +, among some others, making the Feiyu GW2 a totally innovative product.

It should be noted that one of the most particular characteristics that the Feiyu WG2 has is its ability to be completely submerged in water up to one meter deep, thanks to its IP67 capacity, in addition to also having its spectacular angles of rotation, and the duration of its battery that usually lasts about 4 hours.

Yi Gimbal

The Yi Gimbal can help you capture the best images even on the most difficult roads to travel, because this fantastic Gimbal has a 3-axis handheld stabilizer ideal for action cameras, and is also compatible with the YI Palo Selfie & Bluetooth Remote.

In the same way, this practical accessory has a universal thread, which is quite useful since it allows it to be used with different types of professional supports. In addition, you can see that the Yi Gimbal can rotate horizontally 360 degrees, as well as 180 degrees vertically, and its battery usually lasts approximately 3 to 5 hours.

Zhiyun Z1-Rider 2

If you want to record without that typical annoying vibration that is usually present on some occasions, the Zhiyun Z1-Rider 2 is your ideal option, because this excellent mountable Gimbal has a stabilizer that eliminates the worry of these vibrations or ripples so annoying at the moment to record .

Thus, among the most notable features of the Zhiyun Z1-Rider 2, the fact that it has a 3-axis stabilizer, as well as a respective Joystick with axis control, and a tripod adapter that turns out to be quite useful. The batteries of this practical product are rechargeable and usually last approximately 4 hours.

It should also be noted that unlike many other products, the Zhiyun Z1-Rider 2 has the fact of having the part of the Joystick with which the movement Y axis is controlled separated, which can be a great advantage. It is for this and more reasons that this product has positioned itself as one of the most popular in the Mountable Gimbals market.

FeiYu Tech WG

There is no doubt that Feiyu Tech is nothing more and nothing less than one of the leading brands in the Gimbals market, and it is no wonder, because Feiyu Tech puts at your disposal some excellent products that will make your I work when recording, thus giving you an excellent stabilization when making your recordings.

One of the characteristics that makes the FeiYu Tech WG so particular is its great versatility , since it has several hooks that allow it to be adapted to different types of accessories. It should also be noted that the FeiYu Tech WG is not only compatible with GoPro cameras, within its versatility we can also find that this fantastic product provides compatibility with some other brands that may have measurements similar to those of the classic GoPro.

The duration of its battery could be estimated at around 5 hours , and the best of all is that this excellent Gimbal only has a weight of 188 grams, and its small size is also a very positive factor, because thanks to this it is quite easy to take with us.

Gimbals for drones

This is something that obviously could not be missing, and it is no wonder, since Drones since their launch have had a great impact and popularity within the market, that is why due to the popularity and great utility they have Drones, that there should be a product that would allow us to take the best aerial shots with the best shots in a stable and professional way, and this is where the Gimbals for Drones play their role.

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The Aerial Gimbals or Gimbals for Drones turn out to be extremely useful, this is because, as with us, the Drones also produce their respective vibrations or movements when making recordings in the air, this is why the presence of a stabilizer that allows us to take perfect scenes without those annoying vibrations, being ideal for this task the Gimbals for Drones.

If you are interested in an excellent Gimbal for your drone, you cannot stop reading the brand that we will recommend below:

FeiYu Mini 3D

As mentioned before when talking about the FeiYu Tech brand, there is no doubt that this is one of the leading brands in the Gimbals market , and that is why we recommend this fantastic brand again to talk about Gimbals For Drones, Well, the fantastic FeiYu Mini 3D offers us something practical, as well as light and compact, this model being the ideal one to be able to connect a drone in the best way and enjoy the best recordings in the air.

Among the excellent features that we can find in the FeiYu Mini 3D, we can see that it has a 3-axis rotation, thus having, thanks to its wireless connection, the possibility of being able to adjust in three different modes , which are known as the pitch mode, fixed pitch mode, and finally tracking mode.

However, unlike other products mentioned earlier in this list, the FeiYu Mini 3D is only compatible with the GoPro Hero 3 and Hero 4 models, however, this is not a disadvantage when all the fantastic points are taken into consideration. In favor of putting at our disposal this excellent Gimbal such as the FeiYu Mini 3D.

So, if you are a sports lover and even more, you want to immortalize those fantastic moments without those destabilizations that can ruin the best scenes, do not forget to buy the Gimbal that best suits your search .