Best quadcopter with camera and GPS

Best quadcopter with camera and GPS


GPS equipped quadcopter provide a utility and an experience hard to replicate with other models. GPS devices allow Quadcopters to be semi or even fully autonomous as the user is responsible only of entering the pathing coordinates beforehand. There’s an aerial path you’d like to explore? Enter the coordinates, put on your goggle (or the FPV screen) and sit back as you enjoy the glorious experience that is GPS piloted Quadcopters.

Some of the best models are listed below;

Best Camera Equipped Quadcopters with GPS reviews

If you are thinking about acquiring a GPC Quadcopter with a Camera, we’ve collected few models so seriously consider:


Cheerson CX – 20

Cheerson CX – 20 review

The Cheerson CX-20 is practically a DJI Phantom clone. Except that it’s much easier on your wallet. With a radio control distance extending to 1.5Km and GPS auto return and landing, the Cheerson CX-20 is for pilots looking into more challenging expeditions. In addition, if you decide to replace the camera with a Go Pro, the Cheerson’s Intelligent Orientation Control (ICO) and Gimbal control can smoothly accommodate such an addition providing you with great video captures.

Flight time ranges from 10-15min which is pretty standard for quadcopter of this sort.

Other cool features include Altitude Hold and Fixed Position Hover. The first one guaranteesthat your quadcopter will stay at a predetermined altitude while the second one commands the quadcopter to hover steadily mid-flight. And although features like Altitude Hold are common in most recent Quadcopters, where the Cheerson CX-20 shines is in its ability to instantly start hovering on command.

The Cheerson CX 20 is probably the most cost-effective option on this list. Not only is its price reasonable for the specs and the functionalities it offers, but also leave a lot of room for upgrades and DIY tweaking.

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3D Robotics 3DR IRIS

3D Robotics 3DR IRIS review

Although the 3DR IRIS is the most expensive GPS Quadcopter on the list, the value it provides cannot be underestimated.

Do not be intimidated by its robotic insect look; The 3DR IRIS is a smooth, reliable and stable flyer. This stability, in addition to its outstanding GPS capabilities and stabilizing Gimbal, allows this Quadcopter to be an excellent choice for aerial tracking shots.

The 3DR IRIS doesn’t come with a camera nor with an FPS setups but it is equipped to support both if you’re willing to spare the extra money.  Even if you decide to do so, the overall price would still be cheaper than a DJI Phantom and their minimum $1000 price tags.

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Cicada Brand New App control smart 1080p HD Sony Quadcopter

Cicada Sony quadcopter review

You can control this drone from an app installed on an android phone or an iOS device. It has a single key control for Return to launch spot. The GPS system is available in two modes for flying inside and outside. It has a 1000 mAh battery. A replacement battery also comes with the product. The batteries have a warranty of six months. The outdoor flying distance is 100 meters. The maximum height that you can soar to is also 100 meters. Also being a miniature model, it too delivers 15 minutes of flight. It weighs a half pound. The resolution of the FPV camera is 840*480. The one-key features and the Sony Camera make it a good option.

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WLtoys V303 Seeker 2.4Ghz 4-Axis CF Headless Quadrotor

WLtoys V303 Seeker review

Note that this quadcopter does not come with a camera. A The controller operates at 2.4 GHz. The GPS system is available as a Hold system, auto-return and auto pilot. The FPV feature works on WiFi. The battery is a 11.1V 2800 mAh lithium battery which charges from between 60 minutes and 100 minutes. The flight time is approximately between 12 and 14 minutes. The control distance is about 300 meters. It has almost the same dimensions as the Cheerson CX20 at 30.5 cm length and width and 18.5 cm in height. A GoPro can be mounted on this quadcopter.

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Quadcopters with cameras and GPS devices are ideal for the following reasons:

  • Aerial Photography

Supposed you’re a filmmaker and you have a nice aerial scene in mind. The can take the Quadcopter for a spin the first time around to scout the area.
Once you have a general idea about the specifics of the shot, you enter the coordinates then sit back and let your autonomous Quadcopter take care of the rest.  Trying to film the right sequence while piloting the drone can be frustrating which makes a GPS-equipped Quadcopter a godsend.


  • Automation

Amazon has invented and based a whole new system of delivery based on GPS-equipped drones. Once waypoints are mapped out, A GPS device can allow the copter to function in almost complete independence. As an example, a quadcopter can be easily set up to be a flying camera to regularly patrol pre-selected aerial routes. This functionality can significantly cut the security costs of any business that requires constant monitoring.


  • A Smooth Piloting Experience

The technological miracle that is a GPS device enables your Quadcopter to communicate directly with multiple satellites. This torrent of information received allows the quadcopter to constantly adapt its trajectory to guarantee smooth flying.


Of course, you do not have to be a seasoned pilot or a dedicated filmmaker to take advantage of GPS-Equipped Quadcopters.  Although it’s important to have the basics of flying a regular quadcopter down first before trying GPS flight, the latter can be wonderful tool for learning.

GPS’s ability to stabilize Quadcopters will let you dedicate more attention to mastering basic controls. It also gives you the opportunity to focus on small aspects of flying while letting GPS auto-piloting take care of the rest. For example, once you set up a particular air trajectory, you can choose to focus solely on maneuvering the camera; a particularly crucial skill especially if you’re an FPV pilot. Once familiar with controlling FPV cameras, you can transition into GPS Semi-auto piloting, where the quadcopter will basically stick to the already pre-established waypoints while letting you input simple maneuvers and controls without having to fear destabilizing the drone.


Regardless of which quadcopter model you choose to go with, make sure to look into GPS-equipped ones. It is very likely now that most future Quadcopters will all come equipped with GPS modules, and we—as pilots—will surely welcome such a change.

Whether you’re after seamless aerial video captures, a stress-free cinematic FPV experience, flight stability or just delegating some piloting tasks to GPS automation, a GPS-equipped quadcopter is the ideal model to acquire.

You do not have to splash thousands of dollars on a DJI Phantom to enjoy GPS Quadcopters. The Cicada, WLtoys V303 Seeker, The Cheerson CX-20 and 3D Robotics 3DR IRIS are all excellent and affordable choices for your next GPS venture.

Happy Flying!