Best quadcopter with camera

Finding best quadcopter with camera

Best quadcopter with cameraAre you looking for the best quadcopter with camera on the market? There are many quadcopters on the market and it is a good to decide for a quadcopter which has a camera. There are different quadcopters for beginners and for more advanced users. They also have different price tags which correspond with different purposes of usage. The price for quadcopter can go from less than 50$ for a quadcopter, all the way to few thousand bucks. When picking quadcopter with camera, the camera is usually needed for filming high quality footage, photography or different films. Keep on reading this page to see our recommendations and tips on buying the best quadcopter for your needs.


List of some of the best quadcopters with cameras

Review of the best quadcopters with camera


Jjrc Drone V686 5.8g FPV Headless Mode Rc

Jjrc Drone V686 review

It serves up 8 minutes of flight with a 730 mAh battery. With 2.4G Frequency operation, you do not have any problem with frequency. This is very useful if you are flying your drones along with other drones. The camera is a HD camera which is about as good as it can get for a beginner drone. You can watch the video as well as get to record it. You have a First-Person-View monitor, a 2GB card and a card reader. With a computer that is compatible with the card reader, you can view all of your flights on your system.  It comes with an integrated speed control system. It has the capability to rev the power up when conditions are windy which makes t possible to enjoy a flight no matter what conditions are prevailing. You can launch the V686 with your hands.  If you are looking for a tough and resilient drone, the JJRC V686 has a lot of resilience both on land and if it crashes into water. With 4 protection covers available with the drone, you can get it going no matter what the landscape might be. The camera can be switched on and off while in flight and you can switch between camera and video. A con of the product is that the charger is not compatible with U.S utilization but an adapter can solve the problem for you. A smooth flying experience is what you get overall with the JJRC V686.


Holy Stone x300c FPV RC Quadcopter with o.3 m camera, 6 axis Gyro Ready to Fly

Holy Stone x300c review

It delivers 10 minutes of flight with a 750 mAh battery. Control is done with ease as the product delivers free switching between right hand throttle and left hand throttle. The design is made to facilitate easy replacement of the motors as well as other parts. The product provides coverage of 50 to 100 meters. As it does not have a recording feature, you need to have connectivity to a Wi-Fi enabled device to view the streaming video. A controller is provided to receive the video. Distances might be shortened to under half of the 100 meters if you use the camera to stream video to your device or to the controller. Due to the use of Wi-Fi technology for transmission, you might not get the best possible First Person View results from this product which is a con.  On the other hand, getting the recording transmitted to your smartphone can be a great utility for playing it right away or sending it over to your contacts. The camera is stated to be high definition but comes with 0.3 m. Charging the device takes up to one and a half hours. You are required to give a break of 10 minutes between flights so as not to heat up the circuit board. If you are looking for a stable flight, Holy stone X300c is the product for you with its strong batteries that deliver the much-needed aspect of easy navigation. A Throttle Limit Mode makes it a very useful product for those who are looking to pick up their drone skills. Two batteries and two chargers make up for a great utilitarian aspect of this product. A safety goggle is also a part of the package.


DJI Phantom 2 Vision Quadcopter with Integrated FPV Camcorder

DJI Phantom 2 review

It has flying time of up to 25 minutes with a 5200 mAH Lithium Polymer battery. The camera is integrated with the device and has a 14 MP resolution making it a very big positive element. Video capability is HD resolution at 1080p. Slow motion and wide angle are a part of its capabilities. You have both a micro SD card as well as Wi-Fi streaming to your mobile devices. It is compatible with both iOS and Android. The reach of streaming is also quite extensive at close to 1000 feet but you need to use the extender for that. It has a single axis motion. The main pro of the product is its exceptional stability. When you want to hover, the Phantom 2 Vision delivers a powerful performance.  The con is with the performance of the battery as it has been reported to giving up in a flash but with warning. However, there seems to be a way of avoiding this issue if you follow the instructions to take care of the utilization of the battery. When looking at the great level of control and response that the product has, you would probably be eager to take care of the battery the way it is recommended so that you get the best of this product. It comes with a charge-remaining indicator.  As you get it up close to 500 feet into the air and with all of the camera controls that it has, you will surely be using up the battery pretty soon. With the Vision App, you have all controls available to you right on your phones.


BLADE 350 QX3 BNF Quadcopter

BLADE 350 QX3 review

It gives you 15 minutes of flight time. First-timers can make full use of the smart mode with this product wherein the direction of the nose does not matter rather what matters is the direction the control stick is pushed. Smart mode also ensures that you do not have the quadcopter crash into you as it is designed to stay away from the pilot. When you are experienced enough, you can shift to the Aerial Photography mode which removes the safety precaution of keeping the quadcopter from getting too close to you. Also, the stick does not work with the Aerial Photography as it does with the Smart Mode. With Aerial Photography mode, you can make faster panning. Both modes come with self-leveling capability. The Hover mode is backed up with technology to really handle it well, thereby creating an exceptional usage experience. You can get the drone back safely by activating the Return button. It can get flying into quite high altitudes making it a great feature of this product. A negative aspect of the product is that it does not handle a crash well.  However, with its ease of use, you would possibly not have a crash on your hands even if you are a beginner. GPS response is improved by having an antenna mounted on the mast of the product. With the stick relativity feature making it absolutely simple to wield this drone, you are surely well-equipped to get going on your drone expeditions. In addition to the smart and AP modes, the two other flying modes that you can choose from are stability and agility modes. It is compatible with 5+ Channel Spektrum DSM2/DSM transmitters. The transmitter is sold separately.

SeresRoad CXHOBBY CX-20 Professional 2.4 GHz 4CH 6 axis Auto-pathfinder RC Quadcopter UFO Aircraft toys with Gopro Camera Mount + GPS + IOC + MX autopilot System



SeresRoad CXHOBBY CX-20 review

This product does not have a camera but comes with a camera mount. Light cameras such as GoPro are recommended.  It also provides 15 minutes of flight time with a 2700 mAH Li-Po battery. The product has a “failsafe” function with its MX autopilot system. This works by getting the quadcopter to return safely by making all outputs from command sticks to go to the center position. The MX autopilot system also has a low voltage protection feature that triggers the LED to blink, makes a warning sound and also eventually lands automatically. The product delivers intelligent orientation control with two flight control modes including position hold. The range that you get with this product is 300 meters. With the delivery of a professional flying experience, it makes a great bridge between new learners and the really exceptional gadgets that are out there. Knowing that your drone is surely going to be back  with yo uno matter what transpires is surely a great pro of this product. One of the cons of the product is that it takes three hours to charge. With the exceptional quality of control that it delivers, you need to take a bit of patient time out to ensure that you are doing everything the right way. One of the points to note is that you need to take it off in the mode that is set for that purpose and to switch to GPS after you are in the air. With red lights that are of a high intensity, you are able to keep track of the drone as it flies about.

What to look for in a good quadcopter with camera

Size and camera

You can buy mini-quads which are cheaper or pay a bit more for larger models. Quality of camera also changes with the price. Some cameras offer lower quality video and even though a quad has a camera, this camera might not have FPV (first person view) – which means it does not produce video in real time. When choosing a camera, it might be good to have at least 720p resolution. There is another great thing, a gimbal – a mount for the camera which keeps the camera steady while quadcopter is flying. Another thing to keep in my when buying quadcopter with camera is that it can either record the video to remote control or directly to microSD card. While the microSD card is more reliable in case of some errors or connection problems, that is not necessarily what you are looking for.

Flight time

Flight time of the quadcopters is typically between 5 and 15 minutes. It is worth buying a quad with changeable battery that can be swapped out fast. That will enable you many flights with different batteries. If you do not have a changeable battery, you can still recharge, but this can take up to one hour time.

Legal requirements

For operating a drone or quadcopter, you do not need a licence. There are some legal notices about what you can and cannot do and it is worth reading them before operating a quadcopter.Legal notice

Where to use it

You will not be able to fly efficiently at home, because it is too small space. The best is to go somewhere open either in a park or somewhere with a lot of space. Typically you will not be able to get a range over 50 meters, except with the best quads. And this is although they might be marketing different ranges.

Spare parts

Quads are quite fragile. Especially if you have an expensive quadcopter, it might be worth checking spare parts since they can break quite easily. Propellers and other pieces of equipment break quite often. Also pay attention, if the spare parts are cheap, they might also be of lower quality, so be careful what to buy in case you are buying just spare parts.


Difference between drone and quadcopter

A quadcopter is a particular type of helicopter with four rotors. It is unmanned. A drone, on the other hand is a term that refer to any unmanned aerial vehicle. In short, it is a flying robot. Usually they are using GPS to be controlled. They are often used in military (aircraft without crew). They are used for rescue operations, observation, research and other things. So quadcopter is more specific term and quadcopter is a drone, but it does not go the other way around. Drones are also usually more sophisticated and offer higher range and better features (longer time in the air, GPS travelling, etc.). There are also some quadcopters with GPS.


What is first person view (FPV) quadcopter?

FPV which stands for “First person view,” is a video camera that is mounted on the quadcopter and broadcasts video in real time to the pilot on the ground. It offers real-time interaction with the drone that you are flying. In this way, it is better than direct recording, but in order to provide you with that, you sometimes need an additional camera. They are great for aerial photography and taping videos. Besides, they provide you with better flying experience. This is why they are also typically more expensive. They are dedicated to more experienced users.

quadcopter with camera
Best first person view – FPV quadcopter

Things to look for when choosing the best FPV quadcopter are:

  • Quality of the camera (does it tape video in HD, 720p+ preferred and 30 FPS, pixels, camera lenses, etc.).
  • Qualty of batteries and also if they are swappable
  • Range, size and spare parts.

Transmitters and size is important also in the context of what you are filming and how robust you want it to be. Moreover, you usually get video on transmitter, so good user interaction is also important.

Best FPV camera for quadcopter

best FPV cameraWhen looking for FPV camera, things like FPS, pixels, etc. are important. So specifications of camera alone are good to pay attention to. But there are also other things that are important. How much lag does it have is quite a major thing, since you are usually flying the multicopter while looking at the video produced by camera. If video comes with lag which is too long, you have a problem. The size of the camera is also important and you should also pay attention to voltage, compatibility with the rest of your equipment and other characteristics.

Best quadcopter with camera for beginners

For beginners, drones with FPV camera might not be the best. This is because they are expensive and you need some experiences to fly them. Instead, due to large chances of crash and damaging the drone (could be because of wind or any other difficulty), it might be better to pick some entry level model which is cheaper. They are great for photographers who want to make a shot that is hard to get. Moreover with quadcopter with camera for beginners, you are able to study and understand how quads work and the components that go into building them. It is an addictive hobby and it might get expensive as your interest into this hobby grows. Micro or mini models are inexpensive and therefore the best for the start. Also they are made for beginners, so they are easy to operate. For the list of best quadcopters with camera for beginers, click here.

Additions to your gear – FPV goggles

There are many additions you can add to your gear. Maybe the most popular are FPV goggles. There are many different FPV goggles on the market. They are designed for FPV flying and offer you a great immersive experience. We compare the best FPV goggles here. In general they are quite costly, but high cost is worth it because of the great user experience that they offer. There are many different companies that are producing them and in some ways you can also make them yourself if you like making additional gear in DIY (Do It Yourself) way.