Digital Photography For Beginners – Basic Tips

When we start in the world of photography, we make many mistakes, mistakes necessary to level up. When you manage to go up to a higher level, you will make other mistakes again and so on until you forget some mistakes you made on the first step and have to go down to review them. … Read more

What is Raw? Ultimate guide to shooting on Raw

Shoot in Raw, forget the jpg, make sure you have configured the shot in Raw, the Raw is the digital negative , I tell you that if you don’t shoot in Raw the bogeyman will come out of the battery cover to kidnap you! Does it sound like you? You hear it constantly in any photography circle or blog when you are … Read more

Photography concepts you should master

Now this article comes to mind about what basic photography concepts must be mastered perfectly because we will need them continuously. Knowing how to handle this list will allow you to be prepared for most situations that may arise and will also help you get an idea of ​​where you should go further. We already have many articles on the … Read more

How to choose an SLR camera – Acronyms and nomenclature

Technical specifications of a reflex camera So that you do not get confused with so many new names and acronyms that you may not know, I have prepared this summary with the most important specifications that you should know and take into account when buying a SLR camera . First of all remember that the photos will … Read more

10 Digital Photography Exercises That Will Help You Progress

The exercises basic digital photography is an excellent way to grow a little more like photographers. It will help you manage your camera in manual quickly and with closed eyes and understand all the basics photographic like ISO, aperture, depth of field, shutter speed, etc. Essential photography exercises I think it is necessary to practice … Read more

Ideas for using shutter speed

All cameras have the same basic settings, ISO sensitivity, shutter speed , aperture, white balance, and focus. Learning to play with these settings will be one of the reasons that will make the difference between your photos and those of others. You must understand how they work, how they affect the image and how to adjust them for each … Read more

The best lenses for photographing birds

The key to photographing birds, in addition to a quality SLR camera , is a lens or objective specifically designed for the conditions in which these shots are taken. Are you just starting out or are you an expert? I have prepared an analysis of the best objectives to take photos of birds and all those questions to choose the one that best suits your needs … Read more


The focal length is an essential issue in photography because it varies according to the camera and lens used, so it directly influences the image. Therefore, throughout this article, we will talk to you about the focal length and its importance, the different types of lenses that exist, and other necessary questions to get the … Read more

How to Take Panoramic Photography – Tips and Material

The panoramic photographs are the perfect solution for situations where our objective can not cover the whole scene that we want to include in the frame or if the photo for aesthetic purposes or compositions needs to have an elliptical appearance. They can be achieved in several ways: Use a wide-format camera. Taking several takes … Read more

Landscape photography guide

“You have to learn to see,” said one of the famous authors. We can transfer this phrase to the world of landscape photography because if there is a photographic genre that requires complete attention and patience, this is it. We say that since the space that the landscape photographer faces is wide and full of … Read more