What is white balance in photography and video?

What is white balance in photography and video

Color temperature In this link, you have complete information to understand what color temperature is and its relationship with human vision. Here’s a summary: Color temperature gives us an idea of ​​the dominant color in the light emitted by a given light source. Temperature to measure color? Yes, it may seem quite strange, but now … Read more

What is color interpolation (demosaicing)?

What is color interpolation (demosaicing)

The sensor is made up of millions of photosensitive cells arranged in rows and columns. For example, a 24Mpx sensor usually has an array of 6000 x 4000 photosensitive cells. We will initially assume a monochrome sensor (which only generates black and white images). Each cell collects an amount of light, which corresponds to that … Read more

What is a RAW file (RAW image)

What is a RAW file (RAW image)

Sometimes the analogy is made with the world of analog photography and is colloquially called digital negative, referring to the opposite of the film. I’m not a big fan of this analogy, but in a way, RAW and negative share some similarities that we will see later. How does a digital image sensor work? In … Read more

What is a camera reflex

What is a camera reflex

A reflex camera’s name comes from the fact that these cameras use a mirror that reflects ( reflex ) the light coming from the scene and directs it towards the viewfinder (towards the photographer’s eye). When the shot occurs, the mirror is raised, rotated upwards so that light can reach the electronic sensor (or the … Read more

How a digital camera sensor works

You don’t have to be a particle physicist to take a photo. Still, I recommend that you read this information to get a basic idea of ​​how the sensor of a digital camera works, its limitations, and the parameters that a photographer plays to take advantage of the camera. Sensor operation The sensor of a … Read more

Choosing the perfect camera for you

Guide to decide what type of camera is the one that best suits your needs, budget, and type of photography or video. Camera: the more expensive, the better? Bad news first: the perfect camera doesn’t exist. A camera is a tool. The best camera in the world is the one that offers you just what … Read more

What are light steps (stops) in photography

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In photography and video, the relative amount of light is usually measured by light steps (stops or f-stops in English). Here we explain what the light steps are and how they are used. What is a passage of light? In photography, we need to measure in some way the amount of light that reaches the … Read more

Lenses: focal length, angle of view and framing

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Learn to estimate the framing that you will obtain with a specific objective (field of view) at a certain distance from the scene. As we saw in the article on the focal length of the lenses, in photography, the focal length is a synonym for the angle of view. The angle of view depends on … Read more

What is focal length in photography

What is focal length in photography

The focal length is one of the characteristics that define the behavior of a camera lens. It influences the appearance of the photographs and the sensations they convey All of us who start in the world of SLRs, of photography in general, feel entirely lost with some terms and concepts. Suppose you have used compact … Read more

How autofocus works on cameras

How autofocus works on cameras

The autofocus system of a camera is currently one of the most critical and valued functions. What is focusing on a camera? In the entry on the depth of field, we saw that in photography, an element of the scene is considered to be in focus when the points of the image that correspond to … Read more