Best FPV goggles

What are the best FPV goggles? FPV goggles or FPV glasses are the googles that you can use when flying your quadcopter via FPV. So when you are flying your quadcopter, and you want to watch the first-person video, you can attach FPV goggles on your head and pilot the plane through them. They offer … Read more

Quadcopter batteries – What is LiPo?

About LiPo batteries Quadcopter batteries are made of lithium polymer which is the best choice as these batteries are as light as they can get. To answer the question,” what is lipo battery,” the answer is that it does not have a liquid electrolyte inside. A solid polymer makes up the electrolyte in a LiPo battery. … Read more

Top 5 FPV quadcopters

Top FPV quadcopters – what are they? A FPV mode in a quadcopter stands for First Person View. When you fly FPV, you need to take care not to run into obstacles as you would not be able to get the bigger picture when you are occupying the driving seat. A familiarity with the terrain that … Read more

Fastest quadcopters you can find

Fastest quadcopters  Nothing quite beats the feeling of piloting a fast-flying quadcopter. Although many factors come to attention when trying to choose an appropriate quadcopter, speed remains the flashiest one. We can even bet that anyone who picks up a quadcopter is bound to wonder –after a while—about how fast they can fly the drone … Read more

Choosing best beginner quadcopter with camera

Guide to choosing best beginner quadcopter with camera So after watching a dozen Youtube videos about all the cool things you can do with an FPV equipped quadcopter, you decided to take your first dip and buy one. But now what? For a beginner, it can be very intimidating to pick the appropriate Quadcopter setup that … Read more

Best quadcopter with camera

Finding best quadcopter with camera Are you looking for the best quadcopter with camera on the market? There are many quadcopters on the market and it is a good to decide for a quadcopter which has a camera. There are different quadcopters for beginners and for more advanced users. They also have different price tags which correspond … Read more

What is Headless Mode on a Quadcopter?

What is Headless Mode on a Quadcopter

Headless mode – a useful feature of the Quadcopter Headless mode can be a head-scratcher to understand for most people. Luckily, we’re here to help! Headless mode stems from the problem of orientation that many pilots come across. Because Quadcopters are relatively small (and get even smaller the further you fly them away). The difficulty … Read more

Best quadcopter with camera and GPS

Best quadcopter with camera and GPS Advantages GPS-equipped quadcopter provides a utility and an experience hard to replicate with other models. GPS devices allow Quadcopters to be semi or even fully autonomous as the user is responsible only for entering the pathing coordinates beforehand. There’s an aerial path you’d like to explore? Enter the coordinates, … Read more

The Largest Quadcopters

Largest Quadcopters

Largest quadcopter – about them The past couple of years have seen the number of drone hobbyists increase significantly. Besides, the competition among quadcopter manufacturers has produced several exciting models and additions (like FPV quads and GPS-equipped ones), all to the delight of quadcopter hobbyists worldwide. Size-wise, we have seen Quadcopters ranging from the micro-sized … Read more