How to set up a point-by-point reflex camera

Let’s go through menu by menu, point by point of your camera to learn more about Reflex Camera In short, shoot RAW and read the instruction manual (which I don’t usually do either) to learn how to handle your camera with your eyes closed and make the most of all those functions that we pay for and many do not get … Read more

How to choose an SLR camera – Acronyms and nomenclature

Technical specifications of a reflex camera So that you do not get confused with so many new names and acronyms that you may not know, I have prepared this summary with the most important specifications that you should know and take into account when buying a SLR camera . First of all remember that the photos will … Read more

5 important features of DSLR cameras

If you are not familiar with this type of cameras considered by some to be professionals, we invite you to read the information contained in this space, since you will be able to know all the important aspects about this type of device, as well as what they have to offer in as for photography … Read more

Why use a DSLR for video

First of all, we must say something that is drawer: cameras are designed to take photos, and camcorders are designed to record video. For ergonomics and functions, a good camcorder will always be better (more usable) than a photo camera. But on the other hand, a reflex or mirrorless camera (mirrorless, with interchangeable lenses) can … Read more

Information, opinions and advice to buy the sports camera that best suits your needs and your budget

Technical specifications to take into account: Resolution (Full HD / 4K) . Basically we must take into account if we are going to need to record in 4K or if it is enough with Full HD (1080p). Today almost all video material is consumed in Full HD, therefore good projects can be made by recording at 1080p. Recording in … Read more

Recommended cameras to learn photography

Chamber election criteria The most important thing in photography is the content and how to show that content to tell a certain story, to convey a message through the photo. Capture a special moment, find a good frame … The second most important thing would be light. Learn to manage light and get the most out of it . Another very important part … Read more

How does sensor size relate to image quality? How does resolution affect noise behavior? Why does noise appear when raising ISO?

Introduction: image quality When we talk about image quality we usually refer to the degree of fidelity of that image with respect to the real scene it is capturing. Objective parameters related to image quality: Resolution (sharpness) Level of detail that we can see in the image Color Color fidelity to what we see with … Read more

What is white balance in photography and video?

Color temperature In this link you have more complete information to understand what color temperature is and its relationship with human vision. Here’s a summary summary: Color temperature gives us an idea of ​​the dominant color in the light emitted by a given light source. Temperature to measure color? Yes, it may seem quite strange, but now you will … Read more

What is color interpolation (demosaicing)?

The sensor is made up of millions of photosensitive cells arranged in rows and columns. For example, a 24Mpx sensor usually has an array of 6000 x 4000 photosensitive cells. We will initially assume that it is a monochrome sensor (which only generates black and white images). Each cell collects an amount of light, which … Read more