What is color interpolation (demosaicing)?

The sensor is made up of millions of photosensitive cells arranged in rows and columns. For example, a 24Mpx sensor usually has an array of 6000 x 4000 photosensitive cells. We will initially assume that it is a monochrome sensor (which only generates black and white images). Each cell collects an amount of light, which … Read more

What is a RAW file (RAW image)

Sometimes the analogy is made with the world of analog photography and is colloquially called digital negative, referring to the negative of the film. I’m not a big fan of this analogy, but in a way RAW and negative share some similarities that we will see later. How does a digital image sensor work? In … Read more

What is a camera reflex

The name of a reflex camera comes from the fact that these types of cameras use a mirror that reflects ( reflex ) the light coming from the scene and directs it towards the viewfinder (towards the photographer’s eye). When the shot occurs, the mirror is raised , that is, rotated upwards so that light can reach the electronic sensor (or … Read more

which are the cheapest SLR cameras and which models we would choose to get the best value for money

The photograph is a relatively expensive hobby . Especially the initial investment in a camera. The electronic systems of the cameras are technologically very advanced and the optical elements (lenses) are very complex to design and manufacture. Both the cameras and the lenses are expensive and as soon as we go to medium and high ranges prices skyrocket. … Read more