Tips to improve your black and white photos

Black and white photography is like a parallel universe that is there just a click of the shutter button, an exciting world of lights, midtones and shadows. It allows us to observe how light gradually changes on objects or how shadows and textures transform something everyday into something worthy of admiration. It is not easy to … Read more

How to do a double exposure in Photoshop

The double exposure is a creative technique that will allow you to develop your conceptual ability and abstraction when taking pictures. Perhaps it is one of the techniques that requires the most imagination, since you will have to think about the result of mixing two different photographs and this totally changes the rules of the game. The sensations that these … Read more

The 5 most used photo editing programs

If you are looking for programs to edit photos, here are my 5 recommendations to work on your RAWs , prepare your photos to upload them to your blog or social networks or simply manage your photographic library. Digital photography radically changed the rules of the game, before photographic editing was reserved for “artisans” who were able to edit photographs taken with … Read more