The focal length is an essential issue in photography because it varies according to the camera and lens used, so it directly influences the image. Therefore, throughout this article, we will talk to you about the focal length and its importance, the different types of lenses that exist, and other necessary questions to get the … Read more

How to Take Panoramic Photography – Tips and Material

The panoramic photographs are the perfect solution for situations where our objective can not cover the whole scene that we want to include in the frame or if the photo for aesthetic purposes or compositions needs to have an elliptical appearance. They can be achieved in several ways: Use a wide-format camera. Taking several takes … Read more

Landscape photography guide

“You have to learn to see,” said one of the famous authors. We can transfer this phrase to the world of landscape photography because if there is a photographic genre that requires complete attention and patience, this is it. We say that since the space that the landscape photographer faces is wide and full of … Read more

Settings for shooting concerts and recommended lenses

It’s time for outdoor concerts and festivals, and you may need some tips on how to shoot at a concert with basic settings to guide you in most situations. As you will understand, there is no Holy Grail of settings to take pictures in a concert, it all depends on whether it is daytime, the power of … Read more

How to Use Scene Modes to Learn More Photography

If you are starting in the world of photography, surely you still have many doubts about which parameters are better than others when it comes to approaching a specific type of photography. It is always recommended that you spend time and learn by trial / error with the manual mode , but there are also some automatic and semi-automatic … Read more

What are light steps (stops) in photography

In photography and video, the relative amount of light is usually measured by light steps (stops or f-stops in English). Here we explain what the light steps are and how they are used. What is a passage of light In photography we need to measure in some way the amount of light that reaches the photographic film or … Read more

Lenses: focal length, angle of view and framing

Learn to estimate the framing that you will obtain with a certain objective (field of view) at a certain distance from the scene. As we saw in the article on the focal length of the lenses , in photography the focal length is basically a synonym for the angle of view . The angle of view depends on the … Read more

What is focal length in photography

The focal length is one of the characteristics that defines the behavior of a camera lens. It influences the appearance of the photographs and the sensations they convey All of us who start in the world of SLRs, of photography in general, feel quite lost with some terms and concepts. If you have used compact cameras … Read more

How autofocus works on cameras

The autofocus system of a camera is currently one of the most important and valued functions. What is focusing on a camera? In the entry on depth of field we saw that in photography an element of the scene is considered to be in focus when the points of the image that correspond to that element are very small … Read more