Manfrotto Tripods for Photography

Quick guide to Manfrotto tripods for photography Manfrotto has many tripod models, each one tries to cover a series of user needs: load capacity, size, weight, budget. The problem is that there are so many models and so many combinations that it is very difficult to get a global idea. Let’s make a summary with the … Read more

Recommended tripods for photography according to use and budget

If you don’t know which tripod to buy, here we recommend some models with a good value for money that can be adjusted to your camera, your type of photography and the use that you are going to give it on a day-to-day basis. In any case, there are many models on the market, from … Read more

Recommended Tripods and Heads for Video

We recommend some models of video tripods with good value for money depending on the use and the type of video you are going to record. Tripods: differences between photography and video The basic utility of the tripod is the same for photography and video: to provide a stable position for the camera, to avoid … Read more

Recommendations for choosing a good tripod

The tripod is one of the most important accessories for photography and video. Here we talk about the different types of tripods, their most common uses and the criteria for choosing the most suitable tripod for your needs and budget. What is the tripod for Basically the tripod serves to keep the camera in a stable position , … Read more

Recommended Photography Tripods – Advanced and Basic

Recommended Photography Tripods - Advanced and Basic-featured

The tripod is the accessory that we first miss when we buy our first SLR camera and the first that we leave at home when we go out to photograph because of its weight and dimensions. That is why I propose several models to indicate their characteristics, size, and weight to decide which one suits … Read more