Recommended Batteries for Canon SLR Cameras

List of original and compatible batteries, packs and chargers for Canon SLR cameras. Battery brands and models recommended for value for money.

Find the model of your camera and choose one of the batteries that we recommend compatible with that model

Batteries for Canon EOS 1000D / 450D / 500D (Europe)
Canon EOS Rebel XS / Rebel XSi / Rebel T1i (America)

Battery type LP-E5

  • Patona LP-E5 batteries . It has two versions, 850mAh and the premium version of 1020mAh.
  • Duracell LP-E5 batteries . 1020mAh version
  • Powerextra LP-E5 batteries . Up to 1800mAh

Batteries for Canon EOS 1100D / 1200D / 1300D / 2000D (Europe)
Canon EOS Rebel T3 / Rebel T5 / Rebel T6 / Rebel T7 (America)

Battery type LP-E10

  • Patona LP-E10 batteries . It has two versions, 860mAh and the premium version of 1020mAh.
  • Duracell LP-E10 batteries . 1020mAh version (DR9967)
  • Canon original LP-E10 batteries . 850mAh version

Batteries for Canon EOS 550D / 600D / 650D / 700D (Europe)
Canon EOS Rebel T2i / Rebel T3i / Rebel T4i / Rebel T5i (America)

Battery type LP-E8

  • Patona LP-E8 batteries . It has two versions, 950mAh and the premium version of 1120mAh.
  • Duracell LP-E8 batteries . 1020mAh version (DR9945)
  • Powerextra LP-E8 batteries . 1800mAh version
  • Canon original LP-E8 batteries . 1120mAh version

Batteries for Canon EOS 100D (Europe)
Canon EOS Rebel SL1 (America)

Battery type LP-E12

  • Patona LP-E12 batteries . 800mAh version.
  • Powerextra LP-E12 batteries . 1200mAh version
  • Canon original LP-E12 batteries . 875mAh version

Batteries for Canon EOS 200D / 750D / 760D / 800D / 77D (Europe)
Canon EOS Rebel SL2 / Rebel T6i / Rebel T6r / Rebel T7i / 77D (America)

Battery type LP-E17

  • Patona LP-E17 batteries . It has two versions, 750mAh and the premium version of 950mAh.
  • Powerextra LP-E17 batteries . 1350mAh version
  • Canon original LP-E17 batteries . 1040mAh version

Batteries for Canon EOS 60D / EOS 70D / EOS 80D / 7D / 7D mark II / 6D / 5D Mark II / 5D Mark III / 5D Mark IV 

Battery type LP-E6 / LP-E6N

The two battery models are compatible with each other (they can be used interchangeably in these cameras and in their corresponding chargers). The LP-E6N is a newer version that usually has slightly more capacity and an additional connection pin that allows the charger to automatically disconnect when the battery has reached full charge.

  • Patona LP-E6 / E6N batteries . Several versions, the normal LP-E6 (1300mAh) / LP-E6N (1600mAh) and the premium LP-E6 (2000mAh) and LP-E6N (2040mAh)
  • Powerextra LP-E6 / E6N batteries . 2600mAh version
  • Canon original LP-E6 / E6N batteries . 1040mAh version