Newborn baby photos for inspiration and tips for taking them

Babies grow very fast. One day we see them so small and defenseless, and overnight they already walk by themselves in the world. That is why baby photography has grown exponentially because it becomes the only way to immortalize the most beautiful moments of your childhood and to relive them for the rest of your life.

The photo sessions for babies give us beautiful images that inspire calm and tenderness. However, this type of photographic work is quite complicated to do.

You should be especially careful with the baby and try to bother him as little as possible. A baby is not going to pose for you, so you need to think about the whole set and keep the workspace as orderly as possible, as well as finding ways to get their attention.

Tips for taking photos of newborn babies

This article will review several tips that will help you in your next baby photos to make it a wonderful experience.

baby relax

Try to keep the baby relaxed.

When a baby is relaxed, he will always give you the best moments to photograph him. Get into his daily routine and try not to disturb him too much. An awkward baby can start crying and ruin a magical moment for you. Take advantage of your sleeping moments to take calmer, more tender, and natural photographs. If his mother allows it or one of his parents tries to take photos when he is breastfeeding, these types of scenes reflect the care and affection that his mother gives him, and immortalizing them will be essential.

For a baby to be calm, keep the following in mind:

  • Let him be fed.
  • Control the temperature of the room. Not too cold, not too hot.
  • Always keep your mom close.

Use the right lens

It seems like essential advice, but for this type of photo with babies involved, choosing the correct lens will give you a great advantage to get the image you are looking for.

In newborn photography, we usually take advantage of the shallow depth of field that fixed lenses give us. In this way, we achieve a “look” with a sweet and tender touch thanks to the blur. A 50mm lens or an 85mm lens that is bright will give you an extra point to find the best frame.

On the other hand, a minimum 50mm lens will give you some distance from the baby to not disturb him too much.
multiple lens

Try multiple frames

Do not stay with only one position. Look for different frames and views of the baby. Try to capture their other expressions and don’t settle for just a good photograph. Do not be afraid to shoot several times. Remember that you do not control the baby, and he keeps the rhythm of the session.

You can follow a series of tips that always work:

  • Change your point of view:  Try different viewing angles. An unconventional framing can give you beautiful photographs of babies.
  • Focus on the eyes:  Watch your focus. The most important point of attention is the baby’s eyes, do not forget them, and focus on them.
  • Get closer:  Don’t be afraid to get closer. This is a baby, and it won’t bite you. Play with the focal lengths and take advantage of even the smallest detail. Look for her hands, feet, or fingers, find details in her clothes … Don’t miss anything about the baby that gives off what you want to express.

Use a soft light

For these types of sessions, it is best to keep the lighting dim and use natural light whenever possible. We are looking for a tender and warm setting so that you can try with:

  • Use soft light:  The ideal light for this type of session is a soft light. You can use diffusers or curtains to filter the light and soften it. We wrote an article on how to set up a home studio that might help you.
  • Avoid the flash:  There is still no consensus on the exposure of the flashlight to the baby. Some think that it can affect the child’s vision, while others believe that it does not affect them. What is true is that the flash can be very uncomfortable for a newborn. I would try to avoid it directly, bounce it off a wall or try not to use it.
  • Use continuous light: It can be a useful tool, but these lights usually generate much heat and make the baby uncomfortable. If you use it, try to soften it with diffusers and reduce the baby’s time in the light.

Use natural light:  Take advantage of natural light. If you are not working in a studio, try to place the set near a good light entrance.
baby family pic

Seeks to include the baby’s family in the photos

The photoshoot’s focus will always be on the baby, but it is a good idea to try to include the family in the photos from time to time. In the end, these are moments that you will want to keep forever.

Include parents in natural scenes, where they do not look too forced or recreate the typical family photography pose. If the baby also has an older brother or sister, it is quite sweet to take pictures where they play together or, if possible, where they are held in their arms.

Also, try to get the family to relax to find the most natural poses possible.

baby retouch

Don’t be afraid to retouch newborn photos.

To find that unique look in your photographs, do not be afraid to process and retouch them digitally. For this type of work, always shoot your photos in a RAW mode so that you take advantage of the full potential of the editing programs on the market.

You can remove with the retouch some imperfections that you missed at the time of taking the photo or improve the contrast and exposure. With digital retouching, you can achieve excellent results.

I hope that with these little tips you can improve your baby photos and give wonderful moments to their parents. They are sure to keep the pictures for a lifetime.

I leave you a selection of photos of funny and beautiful babies so that you can find new ideas for your next jobs. Enjoy them!