Recommended Batteries for Nikon SLR Cameras

List of original and compatible batteries, packs and chargers for Nikon SLR cameras. Battery brands and models recommended for value for money.

Find the model of your camera and choose one of the batteries that we recommend compatible with that model

Batteries for Nikon D3100 / D3200 / D3300 / D3400 / D5100 / D5200 / D5300 / D5500 / D5600

Battery type EN-EL14 / EN-EL14a

Basically all entry-level and mid-range SLR cameras from Nikon: the D3000 series ( from D3100, for D3000 see below ) and D5000 series ( from D5100, for D5000 see below ) use these two battery models.

The EN-EL14a version is the most modern, with more load capacity. The two versions are in principle compatible with each other, they can be used interchangeably with any of these cameras and with their chargers.

  • EN-EL14 / EN-EL14a batteries from Patona . It has two versions, the normal 1030mAh and the premium 1100mAh version.
  • EN-EL14 / EN-EL14a batteries from Powerextra . Up to 1800mAh
  • Batteries EN-EL14 / EN-EL14a from Newmowa . 1030mAh version
  • Original Nikon EN-EL14 / EN-EL14a batteries . Up to 1800mAh

Batteries for Nikon D3000 / D5000 / D40 / D60 

EN-EL9 / EN-EL9a type battery

The two models are compatible with each other. The EN-EL9a version usually has more load capacity.

Batteries for Nikon D7000 / D7100 / D7200 / D500 / D600 / D610 / D750 / D800 / D810

EN-EL15 type battery

  • Nikon original EN-EL15 batteries . With a capacity of about 1900mAh
  • Powerextra EN-EL15 batteries. Capacity of about 2200mAh
  • EN-EL15 batteries from Patona . About 2000mAh capacity