Which are the cheapest SLR cameras and which models we would choose to get the best value for money

The photograph is a relatively expensive hobby. Especially the initial investment in a camera.

The cameras’ electronic systems are technologically advanced, and the optical elements (lenses) are very complicated to design and manufacture.

Both the cameras and the lenses are expensive, and as soon as we go to medium and high ranges, prices skyrocket.

One thing to keep in mind: from a certain level, all cameras offer excellent image quality, and the differences between ranges are not in the image quality itself but the extra functions, construction materials, and aids to the photographer.

If you have a very tight budget, there are exciting options: models that give up some extra functions to offer good performance at a more affordable price.

Recommended cheap SLR cameras

Among the new models, the cheapest SLR is usually a model from Canon’s 4-digit series.

They are cameras that offer excellent image quality.

To cut costs, they usually include a higher-end camera technology, but from 2-3 years ago, and the camera’s body is made mostly of plastic.

Nikon also has its entry-level range for SLR cameras, which matches the D3000 series models (for example, the Nikon D3500 or the Nikon D3400 )

We are going to make our recommendation in order of preference in what we understand as the best value for money considering the whole of the camera, its characteristics, and benefits:

nikon d3000

Nikon D3500

Our first recommendation is the Nikon D3500. Exceptional image quality, robust and robust camera.

Although it foregoes the articulated and touch screen and some extra functions of slightly higher ranges, it is a complete photography camera.

Canon EOS 2000

Canon EOS 2000D ( Rebel T7 )

It is part of one of Canon’s best-selling series – the four-digit series (1000D, 1100D, 1200D, 1300D). It corresponds to the Rebel Tx series (Canon EOS Rebel T4, T5, T6)

They are straightforward SLR cameras in terms of construction (especially plastic materials), but they offer excellent performance in image quality and camera configuration options.

This series meets the needs of most amateur photographers or people who want to learn photography.

There may come a time for a little more advanced hobbyists when they miss some of the higher ranges’ features.

They are also cameras oriented mainly to photography.

They can record videos with good image quality, but their video modes are more limited, and the autofocus systems are more rudimentary.

Canon EOS 4000D

Canon EOS 4000D ( Rebel T100 )

It is the cheapest SLR camera you can find (if you compare it with current SLR camera models without considering the second-hand market).

The Canon 4000D is the most basic when it comes to building materials. The body is practically made of plastic, including the mount’s part (where the objectives are attached). It is also usually marketed together with a fairly old lens.

Otherwise, the functionality and benefits are similar to the Canon 2000D.

Anyway, I do not recommend it unless you have a very, very tight budget. I’d instead save a bit more and pick up one of the higher models.